Friday, January 22, 2016

iPhone 6s Audio Stuck

iPhone 6s Audio Stuck

iPhone Headphone Jack
Foreign material in the headphone jack can cause audio or functional issues, such as:
iPhone is stuck in headphone mode and no audio is heard from receiver or speaker.
• Headphone audio is distorted (static or crackles) or is not functioning.
• Headphone audio is only heard in one channel.
• Headphone microphone has distorted sound or is not functioning.

iPhone 6s Plus Audio Stuck

WARNING: Do not use long metal tools (such as screwdrivers or dental picks) while cleaning iPhone 6s Audio Stuck inside the i Phone headphone jack, as this could lead to battery puncture.
1. Insert headphone plug into jack and verify that it can be inserted fully.

iPhone 6S Plus Audio Stuck
iPhone 6 Audio Stuck

2. Use a lighted otoscope or magnifying glass to inspect for debris that may be causing issues.
3. Use an anti-static brush to brush out lint or debris. Use just enough bristles to fit inside the
headphone jack, and twist the bristles to loosen and lift out debris.
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iPhone 7S Audio Stuck

iPhone 6s Audio Stuck Manual Tutorial Video

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